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'Legal work for us is all about relationships between people'

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Responsive legal services

SBLC Law Firm is a team of experienced business lawyers providing full-stack legal support to service and product technology companies since 2019. We are committed to delivering customized legal solutions and providing our clients with an outsourcing legal specialist.

We do business incorporation; T&M, fixed-price, and staff augmentation contracts drafting and negotiation; regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, data privacy compliance, comprehensive legal consulting, relocation support, and dispute resolution. We are proactive in keeping our clients informed on legal developments that could impact their business.

We build long-lasting relationships by consistently rendering high-quality legal services tailored to their unique needs, budgets, and timelines. It is not rocket science, we are the guys who just do their job well.

If you need guidance navigating the legal landscape of the IT industry, contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.

We take care of

🤩 Your company is structured properly

🤩 Your business relationships are regulated by enforceable agreements

🤩 Your products & services are compliant

🤩 Your intellectual property is protected

🤩 Your business processes are analyzed for legal risks

About us

😎 We just do our work properly, the law is not a rocket science

😎 Mostly, we serve clients of 20 - 150 developers on a monthly basis

😎Companies with ~700 personnel outsourced legal tasks to us

Why legal outsourcing is a great idea?

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Concentrate on business while we do legal work

Clean Lined Best Price

It is more economical than hiring an in-house

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with one remote

lawyer only


Get access

to the expertise

of a legal team

How we do


Study your processes

Identify risks

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Optimise processes

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Optimise documents

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Stack of Documents

On demand

You have a task

You have a problem

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We deliver solution

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What we do


We advise, register & support companies worldwide.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Estonia
  • Hong Kong
  • UK
  • Ukraine
  • EU countries
  • Low Tax jurisdictions
  • Other countries


We care of relationships am founders, team, and investors.

  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Stock purchase
  • Employment Agreement
  • Contractor Agreement
  • NDA
  • IP Assignment
  • RSU/Options
  • Investor Rights
  • Other Agreements


We draft, review & negotiate B2B and B2C vontracts.

  • Service Contract
  • MSA
  • SOW (fixed, T&M, outstaff)
  • NDA & NCA
  • Terms of Use
  • EULA
  • Licenses
  • Privacy (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Lead sharing


Our legal advise and research help you grow safely.

  • Legal tune of internal and external processes
  • Scaling
  • Investments
  • Taxes
  • Disputes
  • IP
  • Substance and banks
  • Other issues


Monthly plans

You get access to your personal remote lawyer anytime you need during working hours.

Get right to work passing by price negotiations.

Our team will join the service delivery if needed.

Most popular monthly plans for SMBs:

  • 4 hrs of legal work per month - $150 + $60
  • 8 hrs of legal work per month - $300 + $50
  • 20 hrs of legal work per month - $1000 + $40

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Fixed price services

We can incorporate you or provide you with some standardized services for a fixed price, for example:

  • Delaware - $800
  • Estonia - $1200
  • Canada - $1600
  • Hong Kong - $2000
  • MSA + SOW + NDA - $300
  • Terms of Use + Privacy Notice - $300
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On demand services

We are here to help you get the documents, processes, and legal consulting you need. We are really good at Contract work, Structuring, and IP issues.

Any one-time legal services on a pre-negotiated fixed price or hourly rate.

Tell us about your needs and concerns.



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SerHii BARinov

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  • Position: Head of Consulting
  • Legal experience: 12 years
  • Industry expertise: IT
  • Best practices: Contract law, Business structuring, Сorporate law, Tax consulting
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I believe that a good business lawyer should

help a client identify business processes and relationships that may hide risks. Upcoming problems may be mitigated by applying

the right written instruments to the source

of risk from the very beginning.

Trusted by clients

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Pleasure working with you

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High level expertise

Dmytro Romanchenko, Syndicode

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Handle any task

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Online Education

We guided the structuring and scaling of the online animation masterclasses platform, resulting in sales in 180 countries and 10x revenue growth.

We covered team formation, contracting process with content creators, copyright protection, GDPR, and CCPA complience.


We implemented the structuring of holding and operation companies,

lab testing, and certification of the product to be compliant with consumer safety regulations in the US and EU, TM registration in various jurisdictions, and online sales via Amazon FBA.

Software services

Our dedicated lawyer worked with a client on a monthly subscription basis. The lawyer joined the B2B contracts negotiating processes directly with the client`s potential customers when the sales team requested. We helped the client to close 8 major contracts in 2021.

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Corporate Conflict

We mediated the shareholders' irreconcilable conflict by negotiating and guiding a buyout transaction and exiting one party from the commonly owned Delaware holding company.

The business keeps successfully operating gaining 6-digit revenue.

Tell us about your business

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